Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google founders Wikipedia Donate U.S. $ 500 thousand

For users of the site Wikipedia, is now definitely got the message from its founder, Jimmy Wales. Jimmy wrote a support request to support the encyclopedia site in this virtual world that still exist. Site donated the contents of this noisy need of funds to increase services and technology human resources.

Jimmy said would not make money by advertising. "Therefore, the ad has no place here, this is Wikipedia." It turned out that the request met the Google founders, Sergey Brin, and his wife, Anne Wojciciki.

They donated U.S. $ 500 thousand to help the Wikimedia Foundation. The site encyclopedia from San Francisco has launched a fundraising program started this week.

"Assistance from Sergey is very important for the Wikimedia Foundation. I hope that this assistance will transmit signals up to close the fundraising campaign," said Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, Sue Gardner.

Wikimedia has an mission: people use them, they liked it and they had come to help finance it for this site to remain free for anyone in the world. "I am very grateful for the grant Sergey and Anne because it supports what we do," said Sue.

According to comScore the site, Wikipedia has been visited by 477 million people every month. This site became the fifth largest sites on the Internet. Until today, Wikipedia is available in more than 280 languages ​​with 20 million 100 thousand articles from contributors around the world.


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